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Love your Partner by Experimenting with Following Sex Positions

There is no better time than today for bringing new twist in your love and sex life. Be it from trying it in different position to enjoying car sex, all such ingredients make it a delicious recipe which every couple wants to taste over and over again. It has been observed that most couples rate sex a mundane activity because they try in same old missionary position. However, the fact is if you take a look at sex bible, Kamasutra, there are over 60 positions in which it can be enjoyed. Here is your guide for some of the sex positions.

Hip Hugger – For this position, woman needs to be on the top of male. Both the partners keep butt cheeks pressed for creating a friction. With pressing of butt against each other, stimulation will take place at their G-spot and they end up by experiencing the best orgasm for sure.

Hip Flexer – Have you ever tried sex while sitting? If not yet, give it a try today in Hip Flexer position. Allow your partner to sit on a comfortable couch and you take a seat at his lap, facing each other. Come closer to him while leaning back slowly and allow him to penetrate deeper inside you. Help him by raising your hips and making sexy movements which will not only seduce him but also help him to feel inside you in the better manner. Once you are done, this position satisfies you sexually in the most sought-after manner.

Flexi-Sex - Sit on a flat surfacebe it on bed or on the floor and your partner is holding your back. Take a quick turn, raise your both legs one by one and place it over his shoulder. As he starts inserting inside you, place your hands around his neck for a better grip. Get closer to each other in such a manner that lot of space is there for penetration but no space left between both of you.

Butterfly Pose – Lie down either on your kitchen platform or on the edge of your bed and allow your legs to fall other the edge. Your partner is standing close to the edge of bedroom or platform and making attempts to enter inside you by lifting your back. With time, place your legs one by one on his shoulder when you are experiencing his penis deep inside you. Enjoy the position for as long as you want. If you are facing any problem, try this position with blonde escorts of Dehradun; they will make you learn every move with ease.

View from Top – Males love appreciating their partners’ beautiful bodies. They love exploring every contour of the body from different angles. This time, lie down naked on a flat surface like floor and ask him to view your curves from bottom. As soon as he comes closer to you, give him a hint that you are waiting for him by lifting your legs. He will take no time in understanding your hint and will take no time in satisfying you.

This time, do not leave any stone upturned to make your one night as a night to remember forever with these exciting sex positions.

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